Kingsbox Gym Builder

Build your dream gym

So you have this amazing idea to build the gym of your dreams and you don't know where to start? No worries, we have done the heavy lifting for you. We have developed a program, that will help you visualize how your training place will look like.

Start designing your gym
Screenshot of gymbuilder

Fast way to design your gym

Easily navigate through categories and simply drag and drop the equipment to your gym.

Visualize your projects in 2D or 3D

Envision your gym, experiment with the arrangement and make sure everything will fit perfectly into it.

Library of your past projects

Don't worry if you don't finish the project on the first take. You can edit it later, just make sure you save it.

Download the project and the equipment list

The gym builder automatically creates the price list of the selected equipment and calculates the cost.

Easy to use & completely free

With a free account, you can create an unlimited number of rooms.

Turn that empty room into the gym of your dreams

Start designing your gym

How to use Kingsbox
Gym Builder

Screenshot of Kingsbox Gym Planner
Step 1

Draw your
floor plan

Looking at past KingsBox projects, you surely saw a lot of inspiration for your gym too. But because no gym is the same as others, you can design it by your taste. Just choose your room shape, add dimensions and replicate that empty space that is waiting for the new equipment.

With a KingsBox gymbuilder account,  you can start with a new project anywhere and anytime. Easily save it and access the builder from different devices.
Example equipment for Kingsbox Gym Builder
Step 2

Drag and Drop
the Kingsbox equipment

Do you want to see how that empty space will look like? Drag and drop the equipment to the desired places. You can easily rotate, move or change the color of the equipment. To do so, you click on the element and change it. Your render is now ready! It's time to see how you designed your future gym in the 3D view.
Example render of gym
Step 3

From render to the actual gym

Are you satisfied with the render of the gym? Great! Now you can download the final list of the equipment. After that our team will contact you with additional information about the way of payment and the delivery. We will make sure to make this delivery process as easy as possible.
List of custom gyms designed
Step 4

Return to your gym anytime

Gym designs are saved. Just login and you’Ll see the design you previously made.
Kingsbox Gym Builder

Build your dream gym

Start designing your gym



Gym emptyGym filled with equipment

Draw any room
you want

No matter the room, you can always create a gym of your dream.


If among standard elements you don't find the one that suits you, we can customize it.

The modularity
of the equipment

With the modularity of KingsBox equipment, you can enlarge and change your gym over time.

Start designing your DREAM gym

Get started now

Share a project with friends & co-workers

With the modularity of KingsBox equipment, you can enlarge and change your gym over time.

Word on
the street


I met the brand KingsBox and their equipment for the first time at a competition in Italy. I liked the brand right away, as I noticed a very high quality of the equipment. When we decided to expand the gym, I immediately contacted KingsBox, and the whole project ran for about nine months. We started talking, and at the end, we created this amazing gym.


I decided for KingsBox because they really have good quality Made in Europe equipment. The rig in our gym is just something else. Everything is just on the touch of your hand. When I presented my idea to the KingsBox engineer, we made a render, and I quickly confirmed it. He understood exactly what I wanted.


When we started planning this gym, we've got a lot of help from KingsBox. In particular, when we were choosing our rig, and we are delighted with the result. The Freestanding rig is ideal for us because it gives us more squat and pull-up stations. And it's beautiful.


We decided to collaborate with KingsBox because we grew up together. We took this path 5-6 years ago, the same as KingsBox. We both shared the dream of creating something great, and I think the results speak for themselves.

Kingsbox Gym Builder

Build not only your gym but a community

We strongly believe that no gym has to be the same as the other. It should always personify the individuals training in there, so they have the best environment, where they can evolve and become the better version of themselves.
Start designing your gym